The Believers

Summer 2004

THE BELIEVERS are Brad and Periel Stanfield - a unique duo couple who write and perform their own timeless style of upbeat, acoustic alternative folk-rock songs with socially conscious themes about PEACE, LOVE and (R)EVOLUTION. Their original 10-song CD entitled, NEW (R)EVOLUTION is a live studio recording of Brad & Periel's strong, unified dual lead vocals and harmonies backed by Brad's unique blend of simultaneous rhythm and lead guitar virtuosity - an album which quite accurately represents their powerful live persona. "We wanted to capture the same raw passion just the two of us deliver at the rallies on a CD that could also be played on the radio." 

-And that it has! As a result of THE BELIEVERS performing at the various peace marches and rally concerts, the title cut New (R)evolution, People, Let's Stop The War and Angels Are Crying have been played on Pacifica Radio stations KPFK Los Angeles, KPFA San Francisco /Berkeley, KPFT Houston, WPFW Washington, D.C. and WBAI in New York due to their increasing popularity at various peace-related events.

With some of their other titles on the CD such as The Earth Is My Church, Free, Karma and Peace Around The World, their clear messages ring true to their loyal audience of fellow believers within and beyond the growing new millennium peace movement.

How The Believers Came To Be

Prior to Brad and Periel teaming up in 2001, Brad, former front man for the nationally distributed, indy modern psychedelic rock band Magic Love Fountain, was written up and interviewed as a modern-day "Pied Piper of Peace" shortly after he reluctantly went solo, performing Peace Around The World and his other songs acoustically at various venues in L.A., New York and London. During his transformation from electrified band leader to acoustic modern folk-rock singer/songwriter, Brad was invited to play Peace Around The World along with some of his other peace songs inside the U.N. building in Geneva, Switzerland to commemorate the 50th annual signing of The Geneva Conventions and the World Peace Treaty conferences as well as performing at the various 1999 summer peace festivals around Lake Geneva
(see cover story on the Press Page from ENTERTAINMENT TODAY).

During this time while the two singer/songwriters were as yet unknown to each other, Periel was writing, recording and performing in L.A. and Chicago with her own band after releasing her self-penned CD single, "Karma." Not long after Brad's return from Geneva to the L.A. music scene, his lucky stars were perfectly aligned when he met Periel, who was to become his soulmate, creative counterpart and now wife. The two met on a dog walk around their North Hollywood neighborhood while Brad was checking out a tour bus - a chance meeting - or was it? As fate would have it, the couple immediately started hanging out, singing and writing together in Brad's home studio while also performing at local clubs,coffeehouses and art festivals. Then, by the constant requests of their fans, they decided to record a CD which quickly evolved into NEW (R)EVOLUTION, much to the delight of peace-loving war protesters. 

More Peace Marches, Rallies and Concerts

THE BELIEVERS have remained primarily focused on performing at peace rallies, festivals and benefit concerts, such as the HOLLYWOOD OSCARS rally concert for Code Pink, peace marches and rally concerts for International A.N.S.W.E.R and United For Peace and Justice, Not In Our Name and Veterans For Peace demonstrations at the Westwood Federal Building, EarthSave's WORLDFEST, Neighbors For Peace & Justice, Alliance For Democracy and many other peace organizations. Brad and Periel have also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with MICHELLE SHOCKED, DANNY GLOVER, RON KOVIC and DENNIS KUCINICH among many other talented activists devoted to peace. (Click here to see press page).

What's Next

THE BELIEVERS are planning to promote NEW (R)EVOLUTION to college radio and affiliated venues with their Rock The Vote "Believers In Peace Tour" to inspire and encourage listeners and concert goers to register and vote for purveyors of peace. According to Brad and Periel, "We are committed to performing our songs locally and globally to help spread the message of PEACE, LOVE and NEW (R)EVOLUTION to as many listeners as possible - and we're ready to travel the world to do it. PEACE!" 

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